Build Green With Recycled Glass

Since 1996, TriVitro® has been developing innovative recycled glass products that excel in performance and provide safe, environmentally responsible solutions for a variety of applications:
Glass Aggregates
Specially sized color recycled glass chips for use in terrazzo flooring, tiles, counter tops, panels and craft purposes, and for any project seeking to maximize green building practices and USGBC LEEDTM criteria.

Abrasive Blasting Media
Replace silica sand and slag with our NIOSH-recommended crushed recycled glass for surface preparation, rust and paint removal, abrasive cleaning, or any process normally done by sandblasting.

Water Filtration Media
Finely crushed glass for water filtration of pools, spas, theme parks, and aquatic habitats, as well as industrial, and environmental filtration–a direct replacement for silica sand.

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