Superior Abrasive Blasting Media

Environmentally Responsible

Enhance Green Building standards and practices by incorporating 100% recycled glass blasting material in building remodels, renovations, and surface preparation

Delivers Quality Results

Recycled glass blasting quickly delivers a superior finish compared to conventional blasting media

Low Density & Light Weight

Requires up to 50% less material to do the job, allowing faster clean up and lower disposal costs


Recycled glass blasting is less hazardous than slags for your workers to handle. Recommended by NIOSH and certified by the Calirfornia Air Resources Board

Abrasive Sizes


A versatile blend of sizes for depainting and rust removal on tanks, bridges, shipyards, with better scouring power for corners, pits and weld seams.

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This workhorse blend is a great general abrasive for most depainting and rust removal, as well as blasting concrete for aggregate exposure, shipyard work, structural steel and tanks, etc. Excellent for elastomeric coatings.

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Remarkably fast and aggressive for all types of finer blasting requiring a smooth, clean finish. Makes a good surface for powder coating.

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Super Fine

Lighter duty fine blasting on substrates requiring minimal etching or profile such as aluminum or fiberglass. Excellent for cleaning welds and bolt heads, spot cleaning and restoration work.

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Vitrogrit Size Brochure


Enviro-Grit Size Brochure